Sensational news- A Racing car designed by IIT Bombay students is out of the world

Sensational news- A Racing car designed by IIT Bombay students is out of the world

It is now confirmed that a racing car developed by around 75 students studying in the prestigious IIT Bombay would compete with similar model types of cars developed by many other students across the globe. The name of this super car is ‘’ORCA’’ and it took nearly 9 months for the team of students to design the car. Recently at the campus auditorium ORCA was launched along with others like Tata Motors, NRB bearings, CEAT Tyres etc.

It is well known that sports cars made by many famous companies such as Tesla, Porsche and others like Audi are highly sought after these days and these cars have created superb impact on the people for their great quality. Now it is said that this ORCA by IIT students with a superb acceleration of 0-100mph in just 3.47 secs is faster than other sports cars from the above companies.

One amazing feature about this ORCA is the presence of special steel frame chasis with carbon fibre body and as a result the weight of this car is less and stability of the car at high speeds is superb. The latest news is this car would represent India at the Formula Student UK competition and here electric and IC engine cars are judged on factors like engineering type, presentation skills etc.

Interesting information is IIT Bombay team has been taking part in this competition in the last five years and for three successive years they have got FS award for design improvement. Superb achievement!!

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