Sensational!! Seema Rao is India’s only female commando trainer, fire fighter and a filmmaker

Sensational!! Seema Rao is India’s only female commando trainer, fire fighter and a filmmaker
Pic: Wikipedia

We might have come across many people who do many amazing things in their lives.This Seema Rao is one such person who is unbelievable. It is now confirmed that Seema Rao is the only female commando trainer present in India and the awesome thing is she is involved in training for last twenty years without any compensation. That she is highly special is known from that fact that she is 7th degree black belt holder in military martial arts. Apart from that she is a fire fighter, scuba diver, HMI medallist plus Mrs India world pageant finalist. Really incredible isn’t it!!

It must be noted that famous actor Bruce Lee in the year 1967 founded martial art named Jeet Kune Do and this Seema is a specialist in that. One would be shocked and surprised to know that Seema Rao is a certified doctor in conventional medicine and also she has got MBA degree in crisis management. To cap it all she has authored many books and is a famous co-author also. She has also been recipient of many awards like World Peace Award given in 2008 by the PM of Malaysia, Volunteer Service Award from US President, three Army Chief Citations, Home minister of India Letter of Commendation and 1000 other awards from the government.

It is interesting to note that India’s first martial art film named ‘’ Hathapayi’’ has been produced by Seema and she played a nice role in that film. It is said that this film showed martial art ‘’Jeet Kune Do’’. Awesome Seema Rao!!

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