Shaan Patel founder of ‘2400 Expert’ appears in ABC hit reality show, ‘Shark Tank’

Shaan Patel appeared on a latest episode of the ABC hit reality show, ‘Shark Tank’, as he made a deal successfully with billionaire Mark Cuban for $250,000 and a 20 percent take in his test preparation company, ‘2400 Expert’.


26-year-old, Shaan Patel, is an Indian American entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada.  He grew up in a place in Las Vegas, where there were lots of drugs, prostitutes and crime. He lived in Sky Ranch Motel, a self-proclaimed budget motel that his family owned and operated as well as called their family home. He attended urban public schools in the worst school district in the nation with a 40% dropout rate. Patel says his his upbringing as a “unique part of his childhood.”


At that time, he was clueless about standardized tests. His focused and thorough preparation made him raise his SAT score from average to perfect — it made his life change. He went into prestigious universities, won a quarter million dollars in scholarships. He has even shook hands with President George W. Bush in 2007 as a White House Presidential Scholar, a program that recognizes two academically gifted students from each state. In addition, he was a National Merit Scholar, a Coca-Cola Scholar, a Toyota Scholar, and on the USA Today All-USA High School Academic Team.

Shaan was accepted to the University of Southern California’s eight-year, combined undergraduate and medical school program on a full-ride scholarship. Now, Shaan has created 2400 Expert to help other students achieve their dreams. It helps students to prepare for the tests well. It is a 6-week SAT & ACT preparation classes. The classes are started in 20 cities around the country and is also been offered online. The course improves their test scores tremendously to get into top colleges and win lots of scholarships.

During his halfway through medical school Patel tried to launch an SAT prep book to help students prepare for taking the exam using the methods he did. His attempts were unsuccessful after an editor gave a brutal feedback that he did not have an engaging personality and was not a great writer no matter how well he scored on the SAT.

With his last scholarship money he launched the SAT prep company website, 2400 Expert, advertising it as the only SAT prep course taught by a student who got a perfect score in high school. He started the first course in summer when he had a break from med. There was little improvement seen in the exams and Patel says this kind of score improvement is unheard of in the test-prep industry.

Then, Shaan trained qualified instructors and managed the company remotely from California. Seeing his success, McGraw-Hill, one of the major education publishing giants, offered a book deal to his book “SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps”. It was published in July 2012. So far over 20,000 copies have been sold and it has been a #1 bestseller on Amazon for SAT Prep.

The phenomenal victories of Shaan as a student with a poor upbringing and entrepreneur are amazing, impressive and more inspiring.

2400 Expert: website | facebook

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