Shaan Patel – Will talk to the ‘Shark Tank’ to take his Business Ahead


Meet Shaan Patel.

This Indian-American young man scored a perfect SAT score and is all set to appear on the popular reality-series ‘Shark Tank’ where he can score even bigger by getting the world’s most famous investors interested in investing in his business.

A native of Las Vegas, Shaan’s early days were spent in a budget-motel owned and run by his parents. Thanks to his academic-acumen, he successfully topped the SAT-exams and went on to start his own flagship 2400 Expert, primarily an educational test-prep startup which now provides six-week SAT and ACT prep courses online and in-person in 20 cities across the country.

On the reality-show Shaan hopes his company-pitch to the ‘Sharks’ will give him the opportunity to catapult his startup to the next big level.

In a recent interview in Las Vegas Shaan said the best way of getting on the ‘Shark Tank’ is to ignore it. Sounds odd, right? Well, he has an explanation, “Entrepreneurs who would like to get on ‘Shark Tank’ should not focus on getting on ‘Shark Tank.’ Instead, they should focus on building their business.”


From about 50,000 applications received every year, only 100 make the final cut and get a chance to be on the show.

Shaan’s advice to all entrepreneurs is that they shouldn’t aspire to be on ‘Shark Attack’ if all they have got is ideas. You should start with a great idea, but more importantly, great execution of that idea. Once you have done that, ‘Shark Tank’ will be much more interested in what you have to offer.”

The 26-year old young man’s book “McGraw-Hill’s SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps” has sold 20,000 copies and is rated as a bestseller on Amazon for SAT preps. Still, the man is a bundle of nerves about appearing on the show.

He is using the 2400 Expert Twitter account asking people to watch the 29 January episode and give the show its highest ratings in its history, with the hashtag, #breaktherecord.

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