Shah Rukh Khan to Remake American TV-Series ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi

Shah Rukh Khan to Remake American TV-Series 'Breaking Bad' in Hindi

Ever since the news about Shah Rukh Khan’s interest in remaking American hit show ‘Breaking Bad’ got out, everybody’s been talking about it, and wants to find out more on the same.

If this news translates into reality at all, it would be interesting to see Hindi cinema’s leading romantic icon go gray to play one of American television’s most intense, and favorite characters.

More than anything else, his fans, and just about everybody else is curious as to how SRK will portray the character of Walter White, and imaginations have already started taking trips as people are trying to picture SRK in the iconic get-up of Walter, originally played by Bryan Cranston.

If you guys are looking to learn more about this news, then the following fiver should get in you the loop.

  • The story of SRK’s intention to remake the American show into a Hindi film, began trending online and in other media as soon as his interview with The Indian Express got out.
  • During the interview, SRK said that converting the hit-series into a film would be more feasible and sensible as “Indian audience won’t be accepting of meth, drugs and the mafia.”
  • SRK is all willing and excited to don the avatar of desi Walter White as he believes that he at that age when it will be interesting to take up such a role.”
  • The American TV-series had a successful run for 5 seasons before the curtain-call in 2013. Now SRK is all pumped up to play this challenging role. He’s already in talks with people who’d help him acquire the rights. And he’s more than confident that no one can play the desi Walter White better than SRK himself.
  • For those with little idea about the original ‘Breaking Bad’, here’s a gist. The show narrates the story of man diagnosed with cancer and about to die. In a bid to leave his family with enough money, the dying man decides to cook up meth and sell it in the city. But his doings invite more trouble than he’d imagined.

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