Shahmeer Amir- This Pakistani is now ranked third among world’s top hackers

Shahmeer Amir- This Pakistani is now ranked third among world’s top hackers
Pic: Linkedin

In this internet world people do amazing things and get noted. by others A 21 year old man from Multan, Pakistan is now considered highly. It is now confirmed that he is the third most accomplished bug hunter present in the world and has done sensationally in reporting around 840 bugs till now. Remarkable isn’t it!!

As an ethical hacker this Shahmeer Amir has done superbly and has been responsible for identifying bugs in the websites. The main purpose of these ethical hackers is to solidify websites and devious hackers would not be able to use this as per their wishes. The interesting thing to be note here is this Amir has been doing the work of reporting bugs to more than 300 organizations all over the globe. Many tech biggies like Microsoft, Face Book, Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc have utilized the services of this amazing Shahmeer Amir in reporting the bugs present.

It is amazing to note that at this young age of just 21 this Amir has raked $150000 by reporting bugs. Famous cyber security company HackerOne has ranked this Amir as number one hacker in Pakistan and number 11 in the world. It is known that DEFCON is one of the biggest hacking events and this Amir is now invited to this event because of his glorious achievements as a hacker. It is now said that the country of Pakistan must feel proud of this Shahmeer Amir who had brought laurels. This Amir has started a cyber security company Cyphlon in Lahore along with six persons. Great news!!

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