Shalabh Kumar- This Indian-American makes a $ 1.1million splash and supports Donald Trump

Shalabh Kumar- This Indian-American makes a $ 1.1million splash and supports Donald Trump

It is well known that many Indian-Americans are supporting Hillary Clinton for the President post. One Indian-American who has caught the attention of the entire world by supporting Donald trump is none other than Shalabh Kumar.

This Shalabh Kumar is from Ambala in Punjab and is now a big industrialist in Chicago, USA. It is now confirmed that this Shalabh is supporting Donald Trump and recently he made a splash at the Republican National Convention by pledging a mammoth $ 1.1 million political contribution to provide support to Donald Trump and this had surprised many.

According to Shalabh Kumar his support Donald Trump would help Indian-American association and he said that it was just the beginning of his association with Donald Trump. Shalabh Kumar also shared his thoughts about Donald Trump and said he would be the most pro-India president in the Indo-American history. It seems that they are in the process of making 21st century as India-USA century.

It must be noted that this Shalabh Kumar is an electronic engineer from Punjab Engineering College and Illinois Institute of Technology and his company titled ‘’AVG Advanced technologies’’ had made great name in the field of automation control, semiconductors etc. He minted huge amounts of money through his company. One interesting point to be noted is Shalabh Kumar also got associated with House speaker Gingrich and formed Republican Hindu Coalition. Shalabh also hinted that Indian PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are fit and would get along well with each other. He finally said that both Modi and trump are very tough defenders.

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