Shalini Girish sharing incident of a Rich at Heart Mumbai Autowala

Shalini Girish sharing incident of a Rich at Heart Mumbai Autowala
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They say an act of kindness in times of tragedy can help overcome the worst of circumstances. In the aftermath of the Chennai-floods, hundreds and hundreds of stories of humaneness have emerged; mirror the fact that humanity and goodness is still intact in the human-psyche. An instance starring (yes, that’s the correct and apt word to use here) a rickshaw-driver in Mumbai will give a glimpse as to why one must not give up on the doing good for others, after all.

This particular incident has been shared by a woman named Shalini Girish, a Mumbai resident (originally from Chennai) and jewelry-store-owner, whose family members were stranded in Chennai after the heavy-rains hit.

Here’s what she said:

“Was travelling in an auto in Mumbai when I received a call which I answered in Tamil. After the call the auto driver says “Madam aapke pehchan wale sab theek hain.” (Madam, are all whom you know doing fine?) I said yes they are and proceeded to have a conversation with him on the tragedy. After ten minutes reached my destination & was paying him the fare when he says. “nahin chahiye madam ,mere taraf se aapke sheharwalon keliye yeh paisa se kuch bhi madat kardijiye. Garib hoon itna hi de saktha hoon. Allah unki raksha karein. (No need for the fare, madam. Please use this money, on my behalf, to help those in need in your city. I may be poor, but this is the least I can do for them.)” Saying this he just drove off leaving me speechless.”

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