Shami Chakrabarti- This India born human rights lawyer of UK is now in line for an important role in the Labour Leader shadow cabinet and is awesome


Shami Chakrabarti in United Kingdom is hogging the limelight now. Reason is she is in the line for an important role in the labour Leader Jeremy Corbin’s Shadow Cabinet in United Kingdom. It is important to note that Shami Chakrabarti was born in India and is a famous human rights lawyer in UK.

It is great to note that she became a Labour member of the House of Lords only recently. The good news about her as confirmed by ‘’The New Statesman’’ is she would soon be appointed as the attorney general.

It is now known that Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour party leader after facing some issues would soon be unveiling his shadow cabinet. The piece of information that would take many by surprise is labour MP’s who had quitted the shadow cabinet would be returning once again and there is also some expectation that others who were not served before would also be joining soon.

The superb piece of news now is Baroness Chakrabarti would soon take up the role that Karl Turner performed efficiently till he resigned in the month of June. It is important to note that this Baroness Chakrabarti is a leading human rights activist who has got great name.

It must not be forgotten that Jeremy Corbyn spoke about how he would soon be appointing very efficient front bench team so that they would be in a position to fight against the Conservative party. Superb Shami Chakrabarti!!

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