Shayara Bano: All you need to know about the daring lady who has challenged Triple Talaq System in India

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Not to be confused by the name, she is Shayara Bano- a lady who deserves all your respect for raising and protesting an issue like Triple Talaq. She is the women who was sent a talaqnama in absentia and barred her access to her children. Shayara Bano has filed a public interest litigation to challenge instantaneous triple talaq, polygamy and halala (a practice where a woman who wishes to remarry her husband from whom she is formally divorced has to consummate a second marriage). It was unfortunate for her that after many years of marriage, she was abused physically and mentally and following she decided to fight a case against this triple talaq system and demands a ban on it, all by herself.

Legality of Triple talaq

Shayara Bano was summarily issued a talaqnama by her husband after many years of marriage which raises the questions on the marriage and also on its legality and from onwards Shayara Bano who couldn’t take this as a formal rule and question the legality of triple talaq.

The filing of case

Shayara Bano files case against the triple talaq and for the same she becomes the petitioner in the case. Her point was to defame this system that is being used in the hands of the man clan and they can get it by just these three words or merely repeating talaq three times.

Why no consent

When Shayara Bano suffered a triple talaq on her life, the one thing she was left with is why an women’s consent is never taken into consideration and as opposed to what is mandated under the Quran, the woman is never given the stipulated three months’ time. Bano forces on for women’s consideration also.


Shayara has also challenged in the Supreme Court the concept of nikah-halal, under which a woman must consummate another marriage in order to go back to her first husband if she wants to. She also wants to outlaw polygamy within a Muslim marriage.

The act of violence

Shayara is blessed with two children’s. According to her problems started soon after her marriage when the demands for dowry was raised before her and she was always pressurized to bring in more things and following a fight would also pick up on the slightest of issues.


Shayara Bano was forced to take several contraceptives which made her terribly sick and also she was forced to go through six abortions. Her life was none less than a hell in which a person would try to manage things but fail down before the circumstances.

Triple talaq is unconstitutional

The petition filed by Shayara Bano seeks to demand triple talaq as unconstitutional. Also the centre opposed the concept of triple talaq as something which violates the fundamental rights and did no t form a part of essential religious practices in Islam.

The strong supporter

Shayara Bano emerged as a strong supporter in her case and still strongly oppose the talaq system openly. Bano has taken the fight with full support and conviction and thinks that this should be banned in India also.

The movement

The women’s movement is speaking about this and against this system. Reportedly many organizations that work for the gender rights in religion are also taking up the cause to support the movement and the banning of such practice.

Raising against set standards

Shayara Bano becomes the first Muslim Women to challenge a personal law practice citing her fundamental rights. Domestic violence and desertion are common enough among women across the board, it seems the Muslimness of Shayara Bano makes her newsworthy where every other news like this is lost.

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