Shillong Girl Andrea Tariang makes her Bollywood Debut with Pink !


Andrea Tariang is from Shillong and is making her big Bollywood entry in the latest movie Pink .She has not been a movie fan and haven’t watched Hindi films as she does not understand the language very well.

She loves reading books more than watching movies or TV which her friends always thought to be strange.She mentioned in an interview that the only movie she has watched is Amitabh starrer Piku.

In this movie Pink , Andrea costars with Taapsee Pannu and Kirti Kulhari, who are the three young women who face charges after being harassed by a group of men.In spite of her not understanding Hindi language very well, it did not hinder her performance .She received help from her co actresses during her workshop session who used to give her constant feed back.They also explained few dialogues to her too.Especially ones with Piyush Mishra as he speaks very fast and Andrea failed to understand them.

She recalls her scene in the courtroom drama-thriller with megastar Amitabh Bachchan playing as their lawyer. Andrea plays the role of a daughter of famous Shillong-based musician Rudy Wallang.Her shot for the very first scene for Pink with Bachchan was a success and she was overjoyed on getting praised by him.She was apprehensive in the beginning with having so many people and cameras around her .She was nervous and scared too .Her first scene had only 3 words to be spoken but her nervousness actually helped her to take the shot in the very first take.

Andrea wants to act in more Bollywood films, but she wants to get her command on Hindi language first.She has plans to sing as well in future but is not sure on how her band composes can fit in the Bollywood context.

All the best for your future !

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