Shiraz Hussain- This 30 year old Delhi based artist wants to make Urdu famous and is putting Faiz and Chughtai on T-Shirts and is sensational


It is often said that love for any language when communicated through visuals would have greater reach and appeal. This is proved true by an artist Shiraz Hussain in Delhi now.The interesting point to be noted is Shiraz Hussain of age 30 is an art teacher during the day time but is a superb painter during the night times who sketches the faces of popular Urdu writers on the T-Shirts.

According to Shiraz Hussain to appreciate the Urdu language it is important that the writers must be recognized and for this sake he is painting their faces. By this he has caught many people’s attention in Delhi and is spoken highly. His Face Book page named ‘’Khwaab Tanha Collective” has become popular now.

Shiraz Hussain wants many people to read and know about the language of Urdu and he is doing his bit in this regard. It must be noted that he wants to transform the imagery of Urdu into internet. The paintings of this humble Shiraz have become popular that his paintings are now said to be like Urdu version of the visuals from Maria Popova popular website named ‘’Brain Pickings’’. It is important to note that his 100 paintings and sketches drawn by his hand are just sensational.

It must be noted that his dad was a Urdu teacher who told him many stories. Shiraz Hussain who studied in the famous Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi got great interests in Urdu during his times in this college. The superb news is he has got many offers to paint writers of other languages like Malayalam but he wants to concentrate in Hindi and Urdu languages only now.

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