Shivampet Ruchitha – One of the Recipients of the National Bravery Awards

Shivampet Ruchitha – One of the Recipients of the National Bravery Awards

To be brave takes courage. And let’s face it, not all of us have. And the ones that do, they are truly special. Just like Shivampet Ruchitha.

She is all of just 8 years old, and the extent of her bravery was on display when she played savior and helped save two lives when a train hit her school bus. Still, there’s a heavy a burden which Shivampet carries in her heart after the incident. Even though she succeeded in saving two lives, she wasn’t able to her own sister’s life, and lost her. This is Shavimpet’s biggest regret from the accident.

Hailing from the state of Telangana, Shivampet is one amongst the 25 brave youngsters who will receive the National Bravery Awards from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 January.

The incident involving Shivampet occurred in July last year. A total of 16 students lost their lives, along with the driver and conductor.

Interacting with the media, Shivampet recalled the events of that day, “The driver stopped the bus on a railway track at a crossing. On noticing the approaching train, I alerted him but the vehicle did not start. As the train sped towards us, I pushed two of my friends out of the window. I called out to my younger sister who was sitting in the first row but I could not save her and others as the train had hit the bus by then. “I jumped off the bus onto the road. When the ambulance arrived, I gave my father’s contact number to the medical staff. My brother and other children were in a critical condition then. It feels good to have the limelight and get an award from the Prime Minister. But I wish I was able to save my sister, too, as we all miss her.”

Shivampet’s brother was also on the bus when the mishap happened, but fortunately he got away with treatable injuries.

A class IV student, Shivampet aspires to become a lawyer one day. Along with the award, she will also receive cash-prize worth Rs. 40,000, a medal, and an opportunity to participate in the Republic Day parade.

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