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There are hoards of young filmmakers in our country who have the fetish for short-films – watching them and making them. At first, one may be tempted to think that the market-space for short-films is still somewhat marginal. But with the emergence of film-fests nationally and internationally, there is a new-found affinity for films which do not have a runtime of long hours. Short-films are fast becoming the toast of many. And seeing this phenomenon unfold, filmmakers who want to make short-films are finally getting motivation and encouragement to do so.

While YouTube, Vimeo continue to be great platforms giving online video streaming service, still, they are not the best bet for short-film and short-film makers. So, if you wanted to get hold of a short-film online, you’d have to dig hard using various search-engines, which is a very consuming process, actually.

Sensing the gap and the problem it was causing, was enough t prompt Selvam to develop a new platform wherein users could quickly view and share short films without having to do the extensive ‘search-fest’. This is precisely how and why Shortfundly came into being.

Shortfundly is the brainchild of Duo Maharajan and Selvam . Their sole-purpose for building this medium was to give an opportunity to short-film filmmakers to get connected with audiences and film-pundits in the film-industry.

In Selvam’s words “Shortfundly is basically “Linkedin for short film makers.” At present the platform is home to a collection of over 20,000 short films in various Indian languages. It has hit 9,70,000+ unique video views till date.

Spilling the beans on their future-plans, Selvam was quoted as saying, “ShortFundly is planning to launch short film festival through our brand. We will organize the world’s short film media content information and make it universally accessible and useful. We also plan to launch crowdfunding for short film makers. Currently we are a bootstrapped startup and plan to raise Series-A funding within 6 months.”

ShortFundly: website | facebook

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