Shrusti Nerkar: The 80% water saving shower by a 12 year old

Shrusti Nerkar The 80 percent water saving shower by a 12 year old

Shrusti Nerkar is a 12 year old girl, who studies in sixth standard in Rachna Vidyalaya in Nashik. Shrusti has astonished everyone as she has invented a shower which can save up to 80% water. She has made this with the help of special nozzles. Shrusti’s invention was given stars by the District collector Dipender Singh Khushwah.

The girl with environment concern at her heart got his idea when she along with her father went for a car wash. About her innovation Shrusti says, “When I went to the car wash and heard them announce that they will wash the car in just two liters of water, I got curious and enquired about how they did it. They were using special sprinklers. Later, I spoke to my father if we could use such sprinklers in our shower.” The young mind’s idea if implemented, can supply water to an entire city with a population of 17 lakhs for 34 days, Mr. Khushwah thinks.

The girl tried out 4 models to practice, until she came out with a fifth one, which use fold able pipes. The earlier 4 models were experimented with electric wire pipes and PVC pipes. She was encouraged to implement her idea by her father Mr. Narendra Nerkar, electronics professor at government polytechnic college. The father has even encouraged his elder son Amey, a 12th standard boy who holds copyright for smart helmet that would not allow a scooter to start unless the rider wears it.

Shrusti says that her shower uses only 15 liters of water per person. She now looks forward to work on her innovation to make it more environmental friendly as she now wants to develop a sensor which will save water, when the person is not under it. If this goes on, this little girl will positively take a step ahead in solving the water crisis of the world.

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