Shu Lam- This 25 year old research student from University of Melbourne has found a new way to kill superbugs without antibodies usage


The recent news that a research student from University of Melbourne in Australia has discovered a new way that could kill super bugs without the use of antibodies has surprised many all over. It is now said that intense three years of hard work put in by this Shu Lam who is a PhD student at this University has been successful now and she is regarded highly by many.

It is great to hear that her discovery is very important so that health crisis could now be averted. This health crisis was declared as fundamental threat to global health by UN before.

It is really sad and shocking to note that super bugs which are resistant to antibiotics are responsible for killing as many as 1,70,000 people in a year and it is a serious concern. It is now revealed that super bugs could kill 10 million people in a year by 2050 and it would cost the world economy a mammoth $100 trillion shocking. United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki- Moon even spoke about the issues and how this would result in difficulties in giving high quality universal health coverage.

It is superb to note that the star shaped polymer made by this 25 year old Shu Lam could kill six different super bug strains without the need of antibiotics and this could be achieved by ripping the cell walls apart. It is now clear that the polymers SNAPPs or structurally nano-engineered antimicrobial peptide polymers attack, penetrate and destabilize cell membrane and these do not have any effect on the healthy cells. Superb Shu Lam!!

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