Shubhalaxmi- She is responsible for setting up of the Butterfly Gardens in Mumbai

Shubhalaxmi- She is responsible for setting up of the Butterfly Gardens in Mumbai

We all like butterflies and become happy to see when it sits on our head or shoulders. Now in Mumbai’s butterfly gardens one could experience this amazing feel of butterfly. Thanks to one person named Shubhalaxmi.

This ex employee of the famous Bombay Natural History Society or BNHS is an entomologist and she has created this amazing Butterfly Garden at the CBD Belapur, Mumbai. It must be noted that this garden is very huge with 2400 sqft land and has got many trees, plants and flowers that could attract these butterflies. Roses and dahlias are present in this garden designed by Shubhalaxmi and apart from these flowers the garden also has ixora, Jamaican spike and bryophyllum that attracts these butterflies greatly.

It is important to note that these butterflies are affected by even small changes in the environment. Another thing is watching the population of butterfly also provides us time to rectify our damage to the eco system so that animals like tigers could be protected. This superb work by this entomologist Shubhalaxmi has been appreciated by many people as she has been helping the population of butterflies grow. It is interesting to hear that this woman has also played her part in setting up of six other gardens. According to Shubhalaxmi wooing butterflies back to the city is her aim. Amazing Shubhalaxmi!! You inspire many now.

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