Some interesting facts to know about Managing PM Modi’s Facebook, Twitter Accounts

Some interesting facts to know about Managing PM Modi’s Facebook, Twitter Accounts

PM Narendra Modi may be the busiest and socially-proactive Prime Minister in recent times. The man makes time for making his presence felt everywhere – especially on social-media.

He is ranked as the 13th Most Influential Person in the World, and he is 9th on the Most Powerful list, achieving these ranks in a span of just one year is no mean feat and for this the PM has put the social-media to very intelligent use. At the moment Modi has 16.8 million followers on Twitter and 31 million people like his Facebook page.

Given his tight schedule one is often left to wonder how PM Modi accomplishes so much interactivity on the social-media. Does he do it on his own or is there someone (or a team perhaps) that ‘manages’ his social-media presence.

The particular wonderment got the better of an India citizen who, promptly filed an RTI (Right to Information) looking for answers.

In response to his queries, the Government said that PM Modi manages all of his personal social-media accounts on his own. He has not hired manpower to do the job on his behalf. Whereas his official social-media presence is taken care of by the Prime Minister Office (PMO).

As far as Modi’s attendance goes, the PM has not gone off-work even for a single day! This is despite the fact that Modi has made 18 foreign & 10 domestic trips and been absent from the country for 89 days, and overall 100 days away from office.

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