Startup of the Day: provides platform to organize and simplify Legal Services

Startup of the Day provides platform to organize and simplify Legal Services

In our Startup of the Day feature, here we are sharing detailed interview with Manish Singh and Ashish Singh of HiGrit who have created wonderful platform to address legal hassles of common man on the street. Hope their solution will serve millions of people who face day to day legal issues.

Please let us know about your venture and how it’s different from others? is a platform, to organize and simplify legal services; created with a mission to improve and modernize consumer’s access to legal assistance and also ensure that registered lawyers get wider audience as prospective clients.

HiGrit believes more information helps to make better decision. At users get to select the type of service as per their urgency, requirement and budget. With HiGrit, businesses and individuals can efficiently access and manage quality and licensed lawyer/CA/CS service, round the clock.

HiGrit associates with regional legal professional to complete services received from their region as they have their local liaising and familiarity with local manners, reducing the complexity and cost associated with legal services.  HiGrit offers registered lawyers to blog on to build their online and social visibility. HiGrit clients can Rate, Review and Recommend their lawyer and services.

How did you get the idea to start this?

There was a personal situation when I urgently required legal advice. Family, friends and Google suggested few, but these lawyers were not vetted. Could I trust them with private matter, were they qualified enough, what were their credentials? Such questions came in my mind, that’s when I realized that there must be so many like me stuck with legal matters looking for qualified, experienced , lawyers for a private and secure consult. That’s when Ashish & I, with our professional experience, started building business around the idea and was born! 

Let us know about the people who are behind this venture?

Manish has worked as EU Compliance Specialist at Amazon, Europe Headquarters, Luxembourg. He is a graduate from HEC Paris and IIT Kharagpur. Whereas has worked for 5 years as Business Intelligence Consultant in US, Ashish is Masters in Information Systems from Illinois State University. 

Have you got any kind of funding, if not do you have any such plans? 

HiGrit has received initial seed fund from seasoned entrepreneurs from Chandigarh, – Ashish Mahajan and Sarvesh Sharma, who have partnered with HiGrit to disrupt the traditional, tedious & confusing compliance processes.

HiGrit  plans to use the funds for product development. It is planning to launch an Android app by the August and start a calling facility for instant legal consultation.

How big is your team size and from which location do you operate?

HiGrit’s current team size is of 10 and we are based in New Delhi. Our online service delivery model helps us cater to customers coming from anywhere in India.

Startup of the Day provides platform to organize and simplify Legal Services

What are your future plans?

HiGrit is soon going to launch a service for startup advice where a budding startup could make an instant phone call to get all the advice they need to make sure their startup is compliant with the law and also they reap all the benefits of government schemes.

HiGrit App for Android on Google Play and iOS on Apple iTunes will be released in August.

Which is one thing which Motivates you to be in this field?

Technology is the key to drive change in the legal industry. Today, there is a storm of startups and entrepreneurs in India, which frequently needs CA and Legal assistance, for business registration, compliance and more. Our technical educational background and experience helps us identify these challenges and motivates us to disrupt the complex traditional legal system.

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