Steve Jarding: All you need to know about Samajwadi Party’s new Election Campaigner


Political consultant Steve Jarding of Harvard University is the campaign manager & political consultant for the Democrats in the US.

As reported in media he is impressed with UP State work and believes that the people of UP are not much aware whether the newly launched schemes are run by State or Center. It’s important to make people aware about State Govt’s efforts.

This world renowned Political Consultant will look after election campaign for Samajwadi Party for the year 2017 elections. He will aim to get 2nd term for Samajwadi Party in the State.

As reported in media he had been already advising Samajwadi Party on various political fronts and now officially engaged with them.

Working as a Political Consultant since 1980, Jarding teaches public policy to Harvard Kennedy School students.

Presently he is helping Hillary Clinton but his client list includes Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and former US vice-president Al Gore as well.

Steve’s course on “campaign management” has twice been nominated for the “Most Influential Course Award.” He is founding partner and CEO of the international consulting company, SJB Strategies International which advises candidates and causes around the world.

Steve has delivered his lectures across the globe including Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. So far he has run number of campaigns for various political candidates.

In 2012, Jarding was the recipient of the George McGovern Grassroots Award, named after the 1972 Democratic Presidential nominee and international statesman, George McGovern, for his work to “substantially improve” the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Jarding received his undergraduate degree from University of South Dakota and his master’s degree in political science from Oklahoma.

For his efforts, in September 2002, Jarding was profiled in The New York Times Magazine, which touted his new innovative ideas to rebuild the Democratic Coalition.

One of his famous quote is “When you watch yourself on screen you’ll see you underutilize emotion. All human beings connect with passion.”

In 2003, Jarding served as a consultant to the presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. Bob Graham. Harvard Kennedy School Magazine covers the class “The Making of a Politician,” which teaches students the nuts and bolts of running for office, led by Steve Jarding, lecturer in public policy at the Shorenstein Center.

On a 20-point scale, most of the on-camera interviews and speeches given by students rate an 11 or 12, he says, noting quickly that most politicians rarely rate much higher than that.

He gives the 2004 Democratic convention speech that helped launch then-State Senator Barack Obama to the presidency a 17 on a 20-point scale—an extremely good score.

Jarding’s signature course is one of the most demanded at HKS, consistently going to bidding, and his over subscription rate routinely beckons bigger lecture halls and more capacity.

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