Steve Jarding- This professor from the famous Harvard University is roped by the Samajwadi Party for its election campaign designing work


The recent news that a professor named Steve Jarding of the renowned Harvard University has been roped by Samajwadi Party or SP to design election campaign has been the talk of the town.

It is great to note that this Steve Harding is a campaign manager and is also a efficient political consultant in United States of America and has impressed many Democrats with his remarkable work. It is known that this professor has been giving suggestions to SP on many issues for quite some time but now he is on the board officially.

Since the year 1980 this Steve Jarding has been taking part as campaigner, manager political consultant and some of his popular clients are Hilary Clinton, Al Gore and Mariano Rajoy. At the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School this Steve Harding has made notable contributions as a professor and has been shaping the careers of many students.

It must be noted that popular actress Vidya Balan was roped by SP to endorse for the Samajwadi Pension Yojana scheme and now this Steve Jarding would be giving his inputs in the designing of the party’s election campaign. According to this Steve Jarding the Samajwadi Pension Yojana scheme though was highly appreciated by many there are still some doubts regarding whether it is a state or central scheme.

Now to make it clear redesigning of campaigns and programmes is needed and hence Steve was roped. It is now brought out that this Steve Jarding would also play an important role in training SP candidates in communication also. Superb Steve Jarding!!

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