Steve Jobs of China: Lei Jun, the man who has made it big

Steve Jobs of China Lei Jun, the man who has made it big

There is a Steve Jobs who is known all over the world and then there is another Steve Jobs who is well known in China. He, Lei Jun is refered as the Steve Jobs of China. After making several world changing and innovation driven companies, Lei act as the CEO and founder of fourth largest smartphone maker in the world-Xiaomi which has become largely famous amongst the masses globally. Lei Jun is that man who in a matter of just three years since the formation of Xiaomi has gone on to grow it from nothing to the fourth largest smartphone brand in China and successfully dominated the software markets with the creation of the most popular Android custom ROMs worldwide.

Here’s his life summary.

Early life and Education

Lei was born in Xiantao, Hubei in China. His childhood days were passed near a rough industrial city in central China called Wuhan. During his early days, Lei have a whole books of struggle that he has seen. Hardships were the important part of Lei’s life and day to day struggles had find a new way to become more rough for him. Later on,  Lei Jun had completed his BA in computer science from Wuhan University and earned his degree.


During his time at the University, Lei Jun happened to read the book about Steve Jobs and from the very moment, he aimed to be like him some day. He was so mesmerized by the book that he wanted to establish his own business that would be first class and to achieve this dream of his, he decided to end up his college tenure.

Working stage

Lei after completing his studies started working at Kingsoft, a Chinese software company which at that time was a Start-up. Lie worked as an engineer over there and with his skills and talent, Lei quickly rise up the ladder and became the President and CEO of the company and during the same tenure, he also founded an online book which grew up so soon only by Lei’s talent and skills.

Angel Investor

While working, Lie also worked as an angel investor where he went to invest in many of the start-up companies and provided himself with the best portfolio. Lie had collected funds from various companies he had invested in and his idea of becoming an angel investor worked.

Story of Xiaomi

Lie was hoping to start a business that could get him the desired entry into the fast rising mobile world and for this, Lei needed a team and for this Lie found an ex-Googler, Bin Lin and both under an affirmative agreement moved ahead to create Xiaomi and after two years, in an attempt to fulfill his dream of getting into the growing mobile space he founded Xiaomi.

Growth portion

To make the expansion of Xiaomi more bigger, Lie decided to back up his venture with more funds and as Lei had been a major investor in many start-up companies and then on the basis of faith, the companies Lie had invested in decided to invest back in his venture and Lie was supported with many rising funds and his venture Xiaomi expanded in a bigger way.

Lei’s strategy

Lie while marketing his smartphone decided that he will chose a different path and will plan a unique strategy unlike the market trend and therefore, Lie decided to set the prices of his phones at the cost price without compromising the quality and performance and used the online medium to sell its phones. Lei does not own any store of him.

Impact in India

Xiaomi had a bigger impact in the country in terms of sales. Its success rate was so high that when Lie’s company tied up with an E-commerce site-Flipkart, its sales rose much higher and much of its smartphones sets have been purchased. Seeing the effect of success in India, Lei went on partner with other e-commerce leaders like Amazon and Snapdeal to bring more success rate to its products.

Man of Honor

Lie is definitely a man of honor. He is a man who never likes or want to speak about the struggle period and how he survived his difficult times instead Lie prefers to show people as what he is up to today and how big he has made by his talent and skills. He likes to move ahead in future.


Lie believes in paying more attention to success than failures as they can bring a positive influence to the society. Expectations should be managed both internally and physically and follow your own pace.

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