Story of Chumki Datta is inspiring


Chumki Datta, in spite of losing her legs in an accident stands stronger with a never-give-up strong spirit, even when things get tremendously difficult and apparently impossible to cope with.

Chumki met with an accident in 2003. She got into her car at around 2 a.m and by 3 a.m. she was lying on an operating table. In just one hour, everything changed to her; she lost her legs to the accident and became a paraplegic.

Sitting on a wheelchair, Chumki says, “Life changes in a fraction of seconds. So, one should always be grateful.” She does not show any resentment in her face. Instead, she asserts Vivekananda’s quoting as she has lot of power within her and with that she could do anything and everything. The strong woman added ‘Chumki’ in Bengali means to glitter and shine and she did exactly that in front of what destiny posed for her.

Chumki is a Kolkata girl, educated in Loreto House. She was a model for a leading saree brands and a cricketer in her school days. After getting married, she moved to Bhubaneshwar and chose to start up on her own.

She was thinking very different from the residents of the town and opened an advertising agency called Mastermind Advertising Services in 1993. She agrees it was difficult to be different in the crowd. Yet, she rode against the tide.

Now, her agency has a team of eight members and is named among the top 10 advertising and brand consulting firms in Odisha. She consults clients from consumer retail and corporate sector, including Syndicate Jewellers and Hindustan Electronics.

Chumki also owns Excel Homes, a commercial guest house in Bhubaneshwar and be a member of the Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, which deals with the empowerment of women with disability. She believes hard work and determination is the key for her success. Chumki stands higher today for her persistent spirit, invoking a desire of never giving up in spite of her disability.

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