Stunning news!! Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury shifted his headquarters to India

The news that Yogi Bikram Choudhury has left his Beverly Hills, California, USA headquarters and shifted his base to India has surprised many all over.

Stunning news!! Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury shifted his headquarters to India

It is well known that a sexual harassment case was made against him and he lost 7.4 million USD in that. Jafa Bodden and six other women complained that this yogi had misbehaved with them by touching them inappropriately. This Bikram then denied all those allegations made by these women against him.

One shocking piece of news is this multimillionaire yogi who once had great collection of cars and houses is now broke.

It is now said that in the space provided at Aamby Valley City that is 12 miles from Lonavala he takes classes for around 500 people in the 15000 sq-ft space area.

A wellness centre for people is also on the cards now and it would provide great help for the people to lose weight stay fit and improve their health.

Monica executive assistant to Bikram Choudhury did not want to comment on this issue of shutting down of USA office.

There were some confusions regarding Bikram’s location as his house keeper was also not sure where he is at present. It must be noted that Rajashree who is the wife of Bikram had filed divorce last year when this Bikram was involved in sexual controversy.

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