Sunjeev Sahota: British Indian Author on 2015 Man Booker Prize Shortlist

Sunjeev Sahota: British Indian Author on 2015 Man Booker Prize Shortlist

We human beings are gifted with the ability to do anything if we have love, interest, and constant zeal to do that thing, in same way as Mr. Sunjeev Sahota, who had never read a novel until he was eighteen year old is now shortlisted for 2015 man Booker Prize. He read his first novel while visiting relatives in India before starting university when he was 18 years old and after this his interest towards novels turned him an aficionado of literature that later lead him to be an acclaimed British Novelist.

His first novel “Ours are the Streets” tells about the story of British Pakistani youth who becomes a suicide bomber and it was inspired by 2005 London Bombings and published in January 2011. His novel was reviewed in a number of national newspapers like Sheffield Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and etc.

With such a response there was a great expectation from his second novel and this time again he came up with spellbinding story line with his second novel titled as “The Year of the Runways” which is again quite pertinent as it tells about illegal immigrants in Britain.

Novel is loved by wide section of book lovers and has been on the top rated slot of every review magazine or newspaper. Now “The Year of the Runways” is shortlisted for the 2015 Man Booker Prize which proves that following something which you love with an absolute dedication will lead you to get great successes in the most invigorating manner.

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