Superb communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims in Karnataka

Superb communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims in Karnataka

India is a highly populated country where people follow many religions. The most common religions in India are Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Jainism etc.  Of these there have been many communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims mostly for many years. People of India have seen lots of news showing the clashes between these two major communities of India over the years. This had led to an unpleasant situation where even small arguments between the people of these two communities were projected as a major problem. Now people belonging to Hindus and Muslims community have proved that there can be friendship between these communities also.

Recently in Ullal in Mangaluru people belonging to Hindu community distributed ice creams for those belonging to the Muslim community when the Muslim community took out procession on the occasion of Miladi-Nabi. It must be noted that over 10,000 devotees from 33 mosques that came under Ullal Dargah took part in the procession. It was said that Kishore Shetty, Jagjivan, Nagraj Bhat and Ganesh Achary went a step ahead and distributed ice creams for their Muslim friends. The main objective behind this was to spread communal harmony.

It was also said that Khazi gave inspiring speech on the occasion and even asked Muslims to follow Prophet Mohammad. Khazi wanted the Muslim people to develop good relationship with the people of other community. It was said that the procession started from Kotepura Jama Masjid and ended in the premises of Sayyad Madani and in between the procession passed through the main streets of Ullal town, Melangadi etc. Similar processions also took place in some Udupi districts and in Dakshin Kannada also .

It is well known that Ullal is a small town 10 kms from Mangalore city and is famous for Someshwara temple, Abbakka Chowta fort, Sayyid Madani Darga etc. Fish and fish manure trading forms important activities of this Ullal town. People in this Ullal have shown the way for others to follow with respect to communal harmony. Amazing people!!

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