Superb news- In the year 2015-16, 6029 kms of highways constructed

It is often said that construction of highways is not an easy job and many factors are required to be considered. The recent news that would make everybody feel great is in the year 2015-16 the construction of highways created amazing record.


It is said that 6029 kms of highways have been constructed in 2015-16 which beat the previous record of 5732 kms of highway constructed in 2013-13. One interesting point of information is NHAI was responsible for the constructions of nearly 2000kms while road transport ministry is responsible for the rest.

It must be noted that road transport ministry by means of state public works department, Border Roads Organization, NHIDCL were responsible for creating highways in many hilly areas.

Recently in the beginning of this year 2016 there was some news regarding the record of 6000 kms of highways being constructed. It is said that one extra kilometre per day of highways was constricted and this rapid pace of construction of highways would continues in the coming years also. Great news!!

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