Superb news-These women chosen as lingerie models are really inspirational and have touching story behind them


The recent news that six inspirational women were selected as lingerie model has been spoken in high regards by many now. It must be noted that panache had unveiled these women of different types for its lingere model.

The superb piece of information is as a part of Panache Lingeries ‘’Modelled by Role Models’’ initiative for the year 2016 members belonging to public were given chance to vote their role model who have impressed these public members and as many as 7000 nominations were got and it was reduced to six persons by the company.

It included Anja Loven who is a Danish aid worker, Elly Mayday who is a cancer survivor plus model from Canada, Croydon based Eliza Rebeiro who has been anti-knife campaigner. Apart from these three other three who were in the final list of six are Sylwia Blach who is a Polish Blogger, Jayne Hurditch and Emily Findlay a fundraiser.

Anja Loven is famous for her African Children Aid Education and Development Foundation in Nigeria and has raised $1 million. Elly from Canada is a famous model known for her positive attitude and she has come out of the clutches of ovarian cancer. She is of the opinion the women must feel proud and confident about their skin. This 23 year old Eliza Rebeiro is famous in South London as she is helping 10000 youngsters in educating them about ill effects of knives and gang crimes by her organization ‘’Lives Not Knives’’.

Polish blogger Sylwia Blach campaigns for women with or without disabilities so that they could expose their beauty where size and shape are not important. Cancer survivor Emily Findlay provides helps in raising amount for many people who have similar cancer experiences. Jayne Hurditch’s ‘’Amy house’ helps many kids born with issues.

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