Superb news -This 105 year old Kunwar Bai is now the mascot for Indian PM Modi’s ”Swachch Bharat Abhiyan” initiative

Pic: ABP News

Swachch Bharat Abhiyan was started by PM of India Mr Narendra Modi is well known now. This superb campaign was launched exactly on 22nd October in the year 2014 and the main motto of this campaign is ‘’One step towards cleanliness’’.

Ever since this campaign was started it had received well across India and its people and many famous personalities had been providing their great support in making this campaign super successful. It is interesting to note that it is India’s biggest cleanliness drive with as many as 3 million government employees, college plus school students taking part.

The latest news that would surprise many all over is a 105 year old woman has been chosen as mascot for this famous cleanliness initiative now. Kunwar Bai who became very popular recently by selling her goats for building toilet is the cynosure of many eyes as she has been made the mascot for this superb movement. September 17th 2016 would be very special day for this 105 year old woman because on this day she would be felicitated by Indian PM Modi in New Delhi.

This felicitation would be done to mark ‘’Swachhta Divas’’ day that falls on 17th September. Most of us would not have forgotten how Indian PM Modi created sensation when he touched the feet of this Kunwar Bai in the month of February.

Kunwar Bai sold her 8 to 10 goats for the sake of building two toilets in her house and also stressed the importance of toilet and cleanliness to other villagers also. Superb Kunwar Bai!!

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