Swachh Bharat: Dettol ‘Banega Swachh India Anthem’ by Indian Ocean & Friends

Now Swachh India campaign is in its 2nd year and initiative of building a clean and healthy India is getting a lot of support from all the corners of societies. Dettol: Banega Swachh India Anthem is an effort done by Indian Ocean & friends in support of this initiative for making people aware that if we all put our efforts together then for sure we can make a difference.

“Dettol Banega Swachh India” is celebrating first anniversary of its 5-year ambitious program for addressing the immense need of sanitation and hygiene in India. Basically in a country where fifty three percent of population does not have access to toilet, and more than 120 thousand children die from Diarrhea on annual basis, it was greatly needed to have an initiative like this. This anthem is planned for intensifying this initiative and the way its views are increasing on different online platforms, it seems that makers are being successful in their motives.

Dettol’s Banega Swachh India has an aim to drive behavior change towards hand hygiene by using different initiatives like School Hand Wash Program and Young Mother’s Program. Dettol has also come with an another initiative named as Improve Sanitation Facilities initiative through which it works with NGO partners for identifying different areas across the country where it can support the development and maintenance of cleaner toilets.

These initiatives are really praiseworthy and the manner Banega Swachh India Anthem video is getting likes and being trend everywhere, for sure their effort is getting noticed and applauded.

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