Swapna Kishore – She’s talking about Dementia on YouTube

Swapna Kishore – She’s talking about Dementia on YouTube

Swapna Kishore lost her mother to a disease called Dementia in 2012. Ever since then, her life changed and she launched a YouTube channel talking about it and spreading vital information which, she believed, must reach people’s eyes and ears.

Soon after Swapna’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, she took over as the latter’s hands-on caregiver. From that time on, Swapna struggled to collect necessary information on the disorder, which was gradually eating away her mother’s mental-health. ““My mother was a triple-MA, but she ended up not knowing how to read. I had to fashion reading games to help her enjoy childrens’ books. She would become disoriented, not remember important people and things from her past. She would fumble for words and feel frustrated that she could not explain her needs. She would forget my name often but knew I was someone close to her”, recount Swapna, now in her later 50’s.

As soon as it Swapna that dementia was a dark-area, as far as info is concerned, she started blogging about it in 2008. At first the blog was merely her sounding-board. But then when her blog started getting a readership and feedback followed, Swapna felt pepped-up and she created a larger resource-based site on dementia care and support in India — dementiacarenotes.in. This, in turn, led to a Hindi-language counterpart-site, dementiahindi.com.

Swapna Kishore – She’s talking about Dementia on YouTube

And then she took to YouTube, way before uploading videos became a norm in India. She uploaded videos on dementia-care. Because, even people who speak Hindi fluently, are not comfortable reading material in Hindi. They are more comfortable watching a video explaining what dementia is.”

What’s amazing is that Swapna has done everything and learnt all skills on her own. “I taught myself website-creation, video editing, splicing, creating graphics, etc. using, as far as possible, free tools available on the Internet,” she said.

And as far as funding goes, all the money that goes in is all hers. ““Sometimes people suggest that I partner with them and get some resources or funding. But I know this would mean that I will lose my independence, others may think I am driven by business reasons. I do not want to trade in my credibility for commercial gains,” she rightfully emphasized.

Swapna Kishore: Website, YouTube Channel, Twitter

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