Swapnil Tewari: Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

Swapnil Tewari Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

There are some really specially-wired people in the world. The lengths they go to for helping others are unbelievable.

Would you put your life at stake and venture into a Naxalite-centric area just to locate a tribal orphaned girl and her mother?

Well, Swapnil Tewari definitely would have. And he did actually!

Swapnil Tewari Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

Swapnil’s life full of odd adventures, thanks to his wacky penchant for helping the most unusual people in the most unusual way. But this quality of his isn’t inheritance. He discovered it in himself and on his own. Swapnil had a difficult childhood owing to him being dyslexic. Then he lost his father when he was just 13. Post-loss, it became impossible to tackle the emotional burden, so he took to popping his mother’s sleeping pills. And then during one of his pill-popping session, it hit him that he must give happiness another chance.

Swapnil Tewari Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

After finishing with his grad-studies and MBA Swapnil got employed in the Bank of India and then moved on to RBI.

But he wanted to do something more… for others. He started socio-creative project for tribal artisans. And at that time a phone-call changed his life.

Swapnil had phone-dialed a tribal artisan, and the man’s daughter picked up and uttered ‘Daddy is dead.”

Swapnil Tewari Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

Before the words could register in his mind, the girl added, “The Pradhan of the village takes mummy every night to his house and leaves her back in the morning. She keeps crying all day.”

The conversation remained stuck inside Swapnil’s head for long before he finally decided to quit his job and go looking for the artisan’s family in Madhubani.

Swapnil’s trip cost him a bit too much, including being chased by gunmen from the village. Nonetheless Swapnil’s efforts paid off, and he got the family along with him to Delhi where he launched ‘Naked Colors’ in 2011. The company was set up to provide support to the endangered tribal artisans of India and give them their share of recognition.

Swapnil Tewari Mad About Doing Good Things for Others

The business-model of ‘Naked Colors’ is simple. 1/3rd of the profits go to the artisans, another 1/3rd is used to keep the company operational, and the remaining 1/3rd is donated to a local school enrolling orphans and kids with special needs.

Swapnil’s goodness did not stop at that. After bringing tribal arts in the limelight, he wanted to do something for the Naxalities. Just 23, he took off to one of the Naxalite-sensitive areas, where he encountered kidnapping and torture. But that did not deter Swapnil from doing what he wanted to do.

Bearing the brunt of attacks, Swapnil helped Naxalities. One of his attackers then, was helped by Swapnil to come out of his previous life. Today, he owns a tea-shop in nearby town and his kids go to school as well.

Thanks to his untiring efforts, Swapnil, at 25, was the youngest Social Entrepreneur in the world to be listed in Forbes magazine’s Changemaker list. He is currently working with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for AIDS prevention.

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