Swayam Shikshan Prayog, an Indian NGO will receive UN climate award this year !

Pic: huntnews.in

Did you Swayam Shikshan Prayog is an Indian NGO that has bagged the UN climate award this year ! This is one of the 13 projects that has been chosen for the UN climate summit in Marrakesh in November.

This NGO, trains  women across Maharashtra and Bihar to become energy entrepreneurs .The project has applauded for building a rural distribution network of 1,100 women entrepreneurs .It has helped in facilitating access to clean energy, water and sanitation products and services in several communities.

Prema Gopalan is the co-founder of Swayam Shikshan Prayog, founded in 1989 who has worked for ten years in the clean energy sector.It has received financial support from financial support from the Maharashtra government, USAID, Miseorer, Europe etc

The women in this NGO are from drought-hit areas of Marathwada .They have acquired a new identity and  learnt to be better community leaders. The initiatives they have undertaken are both sustainable and scalable thereby Improving the quality of living of people.A shift from biomass cooking to solar.

over 2000 families of Sawargaon village in Tuljapur taluka have purchased solar lights and cook stoves from the NGO.The village also has solar lights.For families that cannot afford , the same is sold on credit to them.The families and happy and grateful.

The woodfire that have been used for cooking in rural areas was associated  as reasons for causing  indoor air pollution and its effects like global warming, respiratory illnesses etc .This will soon be history.

Not only that Maharashtra state has now started allowing women to even supply excess solar energy to the grid.

Future India will soon be self-sufficient in energy in a cleaner way,if every state starts adopting this policy.

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