Swimmer Stramrood Joins with Little Fighter’s Cancer trust to provide blankets to the cancer affected people

Swimmer Stramrood Joins with Little Fighter’s Cancer trust to provide blankets to the cancer affected people
Pic: iol.co.za

In an effort to provide blankets to the cancer affected children living in poor places extreme open water and ice swimmer Stramrood had associated with Little Fighters Cancer Trust and Snow World Grand West on the occasion of the International Nelson Mandela Day. Superb news!!

It is confirmed that there was some motivational speech given by the swimmer Stramrood and this blanket providing initiative was started exactly 4664 seconds before International Nelson Mandela Day began. It is well known that this little Fighter’s Cancer Trust is a childhood charity for cancer affected persons and gives sponsorships and donations to young cancer affected people.

It is said that this blanket collecting initiative would play its part in collecting of 670 blankets for the cancer stricken and needy. To make more persons to donate blankets free tickets were given so that people could listen to the motivational speech of the swimmer Stramrood. This swimmer wanted to raise awareness on cancer and also wanted to provide his support for those have cancer.

It is really surprising and shocking to know that Stramrood’s mother passed away due to this dreaded cancer. Mandi Erasmus who is a spokesperson for Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust spoke about how donations were very important as the government did not provide any support. It must be noted that the blankets donated would be used for the benefit of children and funding would be utilized in other areas. Mandi Erasmus further said that the organisation supports 1500 children and was hoping to get 670 blankets and these blankets would go to places where there was no support at all.

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