Takashi Murakami- This artist from Japan in the world of contemporary art is sensational and is spoken greatly by many


Born on 1st February in the year 1962 Takashi Murakami is hugely popular artist who has created great impact on many people with his sensational art forms. In the year 1949 was established Tokyo University of the Arts and in this prestigious university this Takashi Murakami studied arts and was simply superb with his works.

His works in the fine art media like sculptures as well as painting etc are spoken in great esteem by many now. He also played his part in commercial media such as fashion, animation etc.

The word ‘’Superflat’’ that is used these days was first coined by this Takashi Murakami of Japan and it has become his signature style art movement. It is great to note that Mark Jacobs who is creative director of Louis Vuitton got impressed by this Takashi Murakami’s ”Superflat” style and he used Takashi for his new multi colour monogram pattern design.

It must be noted that a unique blend of fine art with traditional anime plus Manga has become cynosure of all eyes as it was amazing.

The superb piece of information is the association with Mark Jacobs has helped the career of this Takashi Murakami a lot as he is now well recognized art rock star and his ‘’It’’ bags are simply superb and were sought highly by many. It is important to note that the redesigned LV logo print bag is the most copied handbag ever and is great.His art from in many products like bags,toys, calenders, shoes etc are just out of the world. Superb!!

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