Take risks in life and be decisive – 15 Motivations from Movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story


Finally, the much awaited biopic on Indian Captain MS Dhoni is out and it’s being appreciated by the audience. Here is our list of motivations from the movie. You can watch this movie for the ultimate story, songs and music which will entertain you in an inspiring manner. We highly recommend youth to watch this movie.

1) Decision making

Take decisions what you want to be in life. Take decisions early. Focus and travel on the untraveled path.

2) Patience in life

One needs to have patience. Results will not come overnight. You have to proceed step by step. Small achievements turn to be big if you keep patience and work hard.

3) Every target is possible

Nothing is impossible in life. No matter what your family background or financial status is, anyone can achieve any target in life.


4) Write your own story, chose your own path

Every person is different in this world whether physically and mentally. Choose your own path and write your own success story. No one else can write for you.

5) Focus what matters

It is important in life to be focused. When the time and resources are limited only focus can take you to success in the desired manner.

6) No substitute to training

You can master skills only by Training. Great people keep learning till their last heartbeat. Put yourself into the fire and sharpen your skills.


7) Have faith in you

Only you can help yourself win game of life. Keep faith and work hard. Result is not in your hands but still you should continue fighting your life battle. If you will keep faith, you will surely win.

8) Follow your own style

Whether it’s your shot selection, hair style, choosing bat or team; follow your own style. As long as you are satisfied, nothing else matters.

9) Lead from front

Like MS Dhoni, lead from front. Never show your back. It was captain cool who hit the six in World cup final. Stay in the game as a leader until the things are finished.


10) Break small town myth

Today it doesn’t matter whether you come from a small town or metro, life has provided equal opportunities to everyone.

11) Follow your dreams

See dreams and work hard to fulfill them. Until you see dreams, it’s impossible to achieve them. It’s good to be a dreamer.

12) Be a real life champion

It’s important to live a real life and be champion of that. No matter what comes your way, you have to win and that’s all.


13) Be tough

In real life you will come across situations when you need to take tough decisions and need to prove your point. MS Dhoni faced many challenges while choosing career and team but he faced every challenge with full courage.

14) Manage stress

Big targets, high achievements come with great stress. Take stress in a positive manner. Learn to deal stress. Control stress and not let the stress control you. MS Dhoni mastered this art of managing real life stress.

15) Live life to the fullest

MS Dhoni is called captain cool. He has enjoyed his life to the fullest even after so much pressure from all around. We have one life so live to the fullest. You can learn this from the movie.

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