Talent knows no boundaries – sharing a very inspirational story of a man named Abdul Samad


Abdul Samad cannot hear and speak and yet this is no reason that he is being stopped by this hurdle, he even didn’t name it instead he took it on to another new level. Abdul Samad is a goalkeeper of state hockey team from Madhya Pradesh and not being limited to goalkeeper, Abdul is also a cricket champion. He is known as the “Iqbal” of Bhopal. He is a topper in studies and many known players are fond of him.

There are wings for every talent and Abdul Samad has proved this. The player playing as a goalkeeper has won hearts at state and national level competitions and till now he has played eight national level games in Hockey and is taking the same level to cricket as well. Abdul Samad has been selected in the national T-20 cricket championship organized by All India Sports Council in Hyderabad and simultaneously has won the hearts of state and national level teams by his cricket keeping and batting. A man with a strong mental ability and also has won many hearts just through his talent. Abdul Samad now stands for a man who has taught the world that no matter what, if a person alone stands for himself then victory is also assured for him.

For Abdul Samad, getting the expression and communication language right and for a man who cannot hear or even speak, getting all these signs becomes a bit difficult but for Samad, it’s a way of life and now he is acknowledged as one of the toughest player on the field by none other than India’s Skipper Dhanraj Pillai and then Samad is the man who was rejected each time on medical grounds.

According to Dhanraj Pillai, Abdul Samad is one of its kind in the world as a player who despite being of disability of not hearing or can speak had became a fine goalkeeper and he will also request to Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan to get him a job in the same field as people watch him and get inspired by him.

Ashok Kumar, under whom he has been on training says that, Abdul Samad is an epitome of hard work and talent and there is nothing that this boy cannot do that a regular goalkeeper manages on the field and people like Abdul Samad uses their sixth sense to understand everything.

Samad learnt hockey at the age of 10 from his father, Abdul Wahab who is also a national level player. His journey started with Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited but was rejected by SAI Academy because of his condition and his family condition wasn’t also very good but with each passing year, Samad has overcome the battle with disability.

Abdul Samad, according to Ashok Dhyanchand, chief coach of MP State Hockey-Male- is a player who will make his identity as a successful goalkeeper in Hockey at international level.

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