Tarek Fatah in Aap Ki Adalat – He is still young at heart


Tarek Fatah is a world famous name. He is Canadian writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist. He is known for his point of view of various topics such as opposition to sharia law, advocacy for a “liberal, progressive form” of Islam and many others. He is hated and loved by equal number of people.

Tarek Fateh has lot of fan following in India and other western countries. He was guest on Rajat Sharma’s famous show Aap Ki Adalat.

He discussed many issues related to terrorism in Pakistan, Islam, those who doesn’t follow Islamic principles, his wish to get Indian citizenship, why he supports Narendra Modi.

He explained why he loves India, why Pakistani’s hate him, why Pakistani’s should accept that they are originated from India. Pakistan was formed on the basis of bundle of lies.

He said that one way to handle Pakistan is like Dr. Manmohan Singh (soft ways) or like current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi (hard lines). Pakistan doesn’t understand soft lines.

He said Hafiz Saeed is none less than Prime Minister of Pakistan. He also said that India should have kept Pervez Musharraf in Delhi (before partition) and should have employed him on a sweet shop.

He said that Pakistani defence minister doesn’t know anything about Nuclear weapons. He even doesn’t get appointment from Pakistan’s army chief.

He called Imran Khan ‘stupid’ and talked about his playboy-ship nature. He praised India’ step for surgical strikes of POK.

On audience demand he sung the song “O mere dil ke chain…..”.

On answering one question he said he is 67 years old and not afraid from Pakistan’s ISI. He wants to get Indian citizenship but it’s taking time as there’s no clear law for it.

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