Team Indus is in the top 3 in the Google Lunar XPrize (GLXP) competition – a non government mission to fly to the moon !


The Google Lunar XPrize (GLXP) is a competition that challenges innovators and entrepreneurs to design inexpensive methods of robotic lunar space exploration. This will be the first non-government experiment to fly to the moon since 1976. and the best part is an Indian company is in the top 3 – Team Indus!

The challenge for Team Indus is set the spacecraft to be sent to the moon in 2017. Private missions to the moon would open opportunities for discovery in the fields of science, technology, human habitation etc

Launched nine years ago in 2007, the GLXP has 30 teams participating from around the world. 14 teams have already dropped off however our Indian team  is going strong, as they prepare to take off in 2017. This competition will be judged in three categories – Landing, Mobility and Imaging. The project costs about $6 million, and the goal is to build a rover

send it to the moon, make it travel about 500 mts and send best quality pictures.The team has to manage all this in-house, with less than10% government space agency assistance and complete by December 2017. The winner gets $30 million as prize.

Team Indus is managed by Axiom Research Labs Private Limited, which is an aerospace startup, headquartered in Bengaluru. Team Indus hopes that this will showcase Indian entrepreneurs creativity and capability to the world .They hope that this mission will capture younger minds and promote high scientific education and develop homegrown technologies.

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