Tejinder Singh: True Sikh and “Australian of The Day”

TEJINDER PAL SINGH navdeep australian of the day

There are many Indian abroad who work very hard, work almost 18-20 hours a day, make money, come back and enjoy. But there are Indians, who work hard, make money but still do something on foreign soil which make all of us feel proud.

Tejinder Singh is one of those Indians who work in Australia as a AC Mechanic during day time and taxi driver in the evening. His job is very hard and hardly gives him any free time. But still he has humanity. He’s a true Indian. One Sunday every month, he cooks food and distribute it to needy ones. He’s doing this from quite some time from now. His son Navdeep also helps his father in this cause.

“When I do something good I’ve got too much energy, I say I’m doing something for helpless people so they give me more energy so I am happy. My religion says, our 10% of income goes towards needy and poor people no matter they belong to your religion or any religion.” as told to Nine News Darwin.

On 5th Aug 2015 he was featured on “Australian of the Day” website which is about recognizing the amazing Australians who do well for the Australia.

Tejinder Singh has become talk of the town in Australia due to his help for poor people. MotivateMe.in salute Tejinder Singh for his social work.

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