The 11 year old, Aditi Iyer is the rising YouTube Star

The 11 year old, Aditi Iyer is the rising YouTube Star-3

People usually pursue their passion, once they are adults but this 11 year old Aditi Iyer is the new upcoming YouTube star. When she was a year and a half old, she started humming. When turned 3, she could easily remember all the baby rhymes. By 5, she could sing songs of all the popular singers and now her videos have even gained more than 75000 views, from all over the world.

Aditi appears to be a shy but a highly motivated girl as she says, “I’m not one of those popular girls in school. In fact, I don’t think I would want to be one. Being popular in school isn’t going to get me anywhere, I’d rather be popular in world. ” This clearly shows the kind of confidence she possesses and her motivation to raise high in life.

The 11 year old, Aditi Iyer is the rising YouTube Star-3

Some of the popular covers of Aditi include, ‘Style by Taylor Swift’, ‘Love me Like you do by Ellie Goulding’, ‘Lulu’s To Sir with Love ’etc. She is a girl studying in 6th standard. She also said that she was bullied in her previous school because she wore specs and hardly worked to please anybody. So she penned a beautiful song ’No Match For Me.’ The specialty about the girl is that she does not belong to a music family, maybe she owes it to her maternal grandmother, who is a Carnatic musician.

Her mother Sangeeta says, “When she takes over the mic, she transforms. She sings straight from the heart.” Aditi was brought into limelight by Jyotsna Rana and was even invited to perform at ‘Women’s International Day 2013.’  Ms. Iyer has also performed with some well known musicians, Vasudha Sharma, Kiran Oberoi, Mihir Joshi etc. Aditi is also learning opera from MR. Situ Singh Buehler, and is his youngest student.

The little star has got both talent and determination. Rise high Aditi!

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