The Architecture Award in South Africa goes to Indian origin student Vedhant Maharaj

In the recent times many new innovative works have been spoken very highly by many all over. One such that is regarded highly is the safe water purification infrastructure model developed by Vedhant Maharaj to purify Ganga water by applying Varanasi architectural principles. Superb isn’t it!!

The Architecture Award in South Africa goes to Indian origin student Vedhant Maharaj

It must be noted that for this Indian origin Vedhant Maharaj a student has been awarded The Architecture Award in South Africa. His architectural thesis named ‘’ Yantra’’ has been appreciated by many now. It must be noted that he is a student of University of Witwatersrand.

At the Corobrik Architectural Award event on 11th of May 2016 this Vedhant Maharaj got first prize and by this he became 29th architecture student to get this award. It is well known that architectural profession is highly competitive and a person must be very hard working and talented to come out on top. It is said that this award is given for the bright talented students in the last three decades.

This award winning thesis ‘’Yantra’’ is said to have elements like innovation, technical details and social, economic and environmental details are taken into consideration. It is interesting to note that this Yantra gives great respect to the rich cultural heritage of Varnasi.

The latest news is this Vedhant Maharaj could one day set an example for others in this field as a leader who thinks of water architecture. Great!!

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