The battle of Saragarhi will also be a battle on screen


21 Sikhs and 14,000 Afghans, it was September 1897 when the battle of Saragarhi was fought and became an epic of Sikh warriors and now many years later, the Battle of Saragarhi is going to be presented on-screen and none other than the actor, Ajay Devgn is bringing the battle live and not only Ajay Devgn, infact the acclaimed director, RajKumar Santoshi who has also directed Ajay Devgn before, is also bring the same story of Saragarhi with Randeep Hooda in the lead.

When Ajay Devgn recently on Twitter has announced his movie, Battle of Saragarhi: Sons Of Sardaar with a poster launch as a tribute to the 21 Sikh warriors, the same time Rajkumar Santoshi also announced his movie on the same subject with Randeep Hooda, presenting him as the character.

According to Ajay Devgn, he wanted to show the bravery of 21 Sikhs who were the heroes of the mission. Devgn also wanted to have the project a large scale of an International epic.

Randeep Hooda who has already proved his capabilities as an actor is all set to make his presence as a Sardaar in Rajkumar Santoshi’s movie:  Battle of Saragarhi. Randeep will play the role of Havaldar Ishar Singh in the movie. He confirmed it on Twitter.

The films are based on the Battle of Saragarhi that took place in 1897 between British Indian Army and Afghan Orakzai tribesmen in the North-West Frontier Province and will depict a true story of the 19th century battle when around 12,000 Afghans attacked a British Indian contingent, which also comprised 21 Sikhs who went on to become the heroes of the mission.

Randeep is known for going the extra mile for his films has also started preparing himself for his role in movie and will learn skills like sword fighting and shooting with vintage guns.

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