The Bhabhor family, Vavad Village in Dahod: Desire for male child creates huge family

The Bhabhor family, Vavad Village in Dahod Desire for male child creates huge family

A male child is preferred over a female child and is considered a blessing. His birth is celebrated and birth of a female child is opposed. Female child is treated inferior to male child. But the fact is that it takes both male and female children to create a happy family and a beautiful life. Both are a blessing and gift from God to be grateful for.

Same is the case with the Bhabhor family of Ahmedabad. This family is resident of Vavad Village in Dahod. This is a huge family consisting of 100 members, which kept increasing to be sure of a male child birth. Already India’s population is increasing fast in comparison to depleting resources. Hence, each individual needs to realise the importance of our national policy of family planning and about the advantages of small and well-planned family. But the unfortunate part is that the residents of Vavad village including Bhabhor family were not much aware about the different methods and importance of family planning. The head of the family Narsinh Bhabhor has 11 children which includes 5 girls and 6 boys and at any social gathering in the village, the family is never invited due to large number of members. The entire family when together, needs a separate cook. Varnish Rupla Bhabhor, 80 years old now, has 100 members family and similarly, Kasnabhai Katara, a 70 years old man now, has 14 children which includes 7 boys and 5 girls.

In this drastic situation, a useful and progressive family planning programmes are very important to change the mind set of people. A stop needs to be put on discrimination between a male and female child birth because today female child is equally educated and socially advanced.

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