The Cost of Buying Google… for just a Minute!


Given an opportunity, would you buy Google?

Okay, that’s a good question but stupidly asked. Because obviously if somebody had all the wealth in the world and he’d want to invest in a tech-takeover then Google would be it. Right?

Well, you may reckon the above possibility is good only as wishful thinking. Fact is, there actually is a man who has ‘bought’ – the domain. For real. His name is Sanmay Ved.

This young man made headlines in October last year after he was successful in buying the domain.

Sanmay himself thought he was just being cute, but Google decided to be generous and give him a money-reward anyway. When the prize-bounty came about, Sanmay did not disclose the digits of the amount Google had paid him, however, he did not forget to throw a little tease in public. So, he quoted in the international media saying it was “more than 10,000.”

On Friday though, Google decided to spill the beans on this matter. In a blog-post Google wrote,” Our initial financial reward to Sanmay-$6,006.13-spelled-out Google, numerically (squint a little and you’ll see it!). We then doubled this amount when Sanmay donated his reward to charity.”

If you did indeed follow the instruction given in the brackets, you will see Google’s game with the numbers. Cool, eh? Did we forget to tell you Google paid that amount to Sanmay for buying just for one minute? Yes – ONE MINUTE!

In the blog-post Google added that Sanmay eventually put his luck’s earnings into an educational charity ‘The Art of Living India’

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