The filmy story of Raayo S Bakhirta aka Chaudhary of Pyaar Ka Punchnama


Everyone has a story, some have normal and some have filmy and one such filmy story belongs to Raayo S Bakhirta. Everyone might not be aware of the name but everyone is aware of Chaudhary of Pyaar Ka Punchnama, the same guy who played the character. Over the time, we all have heard of stories of people inspired by big stars after they made it into the Bollywood and in Raayo’s case, an international pop-star was responsible for turning Raayo to Bollywood and here’s how.

Raayo who hails from Himachal Pradesh has come up long. According to Raayo, “Well, there indeed a story behind me getting attracted by the glamour world and coming down from Shimla to Delhi.”

Raayo’s friend gave him the audio cassette of Bryan Adams and he heard it over and over again and fell in love with the songs and then one day, Raayo heard that Bryan Adams was coming to Delhi for a concert and he went alone from Shimla to Delhi to watch the concert as his friends were busy.

Raayo continues his story saying that, “Nothing dramatic happened when I saw the show,” laughs Raayo, “I just liked it and was about to return to Shimla when I saw a train passing by. Now this is where the drama began. You may be thinking that I am sounding a lot filmy but trust me; this is how things started moving. I decided to take the train to Mumbai instead of Shimla. I came over to Mumbai, started building contacts, gave dozens of auditions and finally in 2005, I got my first commercial.”

After 2005, Raayo’s struggle to get films was only half and from then, Raayo had done many commercials and even hit the big screen with Pyaar ka Punchnama.

“Doing films was the obvious next step and here I am talking to you. Guess Bryan Adams did help me wake up to my dreams after all,” said Raayo.

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