The Game of Destiny – Life of a challenging woman ‘Weda Ayubi’


Success of an actor depends on the number of fans he has got rather than the money he makes out of his performance. For a normal person, promotion or salary increment means a lot. But for a determined individual, job satisfaction is very important. Likewise, for an actor, love and affection from his fans is the most important thing in his life.

Shah Rukh Khan, Baadshah of Bollywood played a significant role in the life of his fan, Weda Ayubi. Of course, he is one of the busiest actors of Bollywood but he has got time to spend for his fans too.

Weda Ayubi is from Amsterdam who was diagnosed with tumour in her spinal cord at the age of 6. She has faced with lots of issues at the very young age. She has undergone a surgery for the tumour which made her to sit in the wheel chair due to the loss of strength in her legs. She wanted to take this disability as a challenge.

When you want to make a move, both the internal and external factors are required. The same thing happened in her life. She considered “The King of Bollywood” as her idol and challenged her parents that she will take her first step on the day when she meets Shah Rukh Khan. Do you think it is possible? Yes! If you have a strong belief in one thing, it will happen for sure. And that’s what happened in Weda’s life in 2004.

Weda managed to take her first step after meeting Shah Rukh. She joined a rehabilitation centre and worked really hard to take her first step. The doctors saw her walking and they couldn’t believe their eyes and agreed “Miracle happens in our life”.

Shah Rukh made a point to meet her often and motivated her to come up. Now Weda is leading a happy life with her husband and a cute daughter, Maya.

Weda’s emotional words – “I feel very lucky that I not only got to meet him but Maya got his blessings too. I become very emotional each time I meet him. We just speak through eyes and emotions and he means a lot to me”.

Weda lives a normal life despite her physical disability. Here the credit goes to her family, and Shah Rukh Khan, who is an inspiration in her life.

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