#The GetAngry Project: A public experiment to provoke our true responses!

#The GetAngry Project A public experiment to provoke our true responses!

In this brilliant public experiment # The GetAngry project conducted by Chakachak Mumbai, we get to see the double standards of the people around us. A girl wearing a short skirt and top was asked to pray at a roadside temple and a few people were asked to litter a nearby place with trash to gauge the reactions of people around.

We see people who pass by or are at the temple praying, staring at the girl as if it is a crime to pray to God wearing modern clothes. The same people also see people littering the place and throwing garbage but only a couple of them react to it while the rest choose to ignore the trash being created.

Isn’t it ironic that we find the most trivial things of concern while creating garbage etc. does not elicit a single response from us? Such public experiments bring to fore the issues we all should be genuinely concerned about and highlight them in a simple yet effective manner.

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