The hard-hitting life of Actor Sanjay Mishra who once left films and started working in a Dhaba


Sanjay Mishra now a known name in comedy. His timings, his expressions, his dialogue delivery action, all suits to his character, the character which has made us laugh every time he appeared on the screen but there was a time when Sanjay Mishra’s life didn’t seem funny. Now a comedy was once a hard hitting life ready to took him over.

During the shoot of ”office office” movie, based the highly acclaimed serial in which Sanjay Mishra worked, the actor was in Patna and was critically ill.

The actor recalls that at that time he was hospitalized as his stomach was hurting badly and doctors had removed around 15 litres of pus from his stomach. The reason was that during shoot, one tends to eat anything and that effected his stomach and his father was worried as filmmaking is not an easy task to deal with and also involves a lot of money and Sanjay Mishra couldn’t shoot because of his problem and then to help him recover, his father used to take him for walks on a daily basis.

Once, a dean of Patna Hospital came up to him and said that his (doctor’s) wife who was also hospitalized, wanted to meet the actor. He was in a bad shape, but went anyway. On reaching up to her, he told her, See Who’s here. She was on her deathbed but still she looked at him and smiled. According to Sanjay Mishra, it was a better feeling than winning all the Oscars of the World.

And ironically, after fifteen days, his father passed and left him shattered, he was even not able to go back to Mumbai. He wanted to be alone and moved to Rishikesh and worked in a dhaba over there, he made Omelettes. Some customers who walked in then dhaba often recognized him as the Golmaal actor.

It was Rohit Shetty who coaxed Sanjay Mishra to return and act in All The Best.

“During the shoot, he often cry in his van thinking of his father,” says Sanjay Mishra.

Though Sanjay Mishra has seen such trouble in life but as audience we will always look forward to watch his films.

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