The Life Story of The Owner Of ‘Dosa Plaza’ Is An Inspiration In Itself: Prem Ganapathy


Perfection is only bestowed to those who cultivate the habit of self-reliance. Excellence can only be achieved through experience and experienced are those who are self- dependents. Same is the case with Prem Ganapathy, who is actually born in a very poor family in Nagalapuram, Tamil Nadu. But due to his constant efforts and dedication, he is a big businessman today.


He was so poor earlier that he had to give up the thoughts even of his higher studies. He shifted to Chennai and earned Rs.250 per month by doing small jobs. Then he moved to Mumbai on a fake promise of someone paying him Rs.1200 per month. He was robbed and left alone in Mumbai. On top of it, he could hardly understand the language. But he decided to not to leave hopes and struggle hard to find a job in Mumbai by himself. His sincere efforts fetched him a job of washing dishes in a local bakery and earned Rs 150 per month.


In 1992, he decided to start his own business of Idli and Dosa with a small initial investment of Rs, 1000. He inaugurated his first shop opposite Vashi Railway station. Unlike other road eateries, the only point of concentration of Prem’s shop, to beat others, was hygiene and superb quality. In 1997, he took a small shop on lease at Rs 50000 and named it ‘Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza’. His willingness to expand his business made him learn various recipes from Internet to prepare different varieties of Dosas. By 2002, he had introduced 26 new types of dosas and his shop had 105 Dosa varieties.

His dosa plaza was so popular that he was approached by a team of Centre One Mall to open his plaza outlet there and many other people contacted him for his franchise. Today, there are 42 outlets in India and 7 outlets outside India. Nothing is impossible if it was possible for Prem Ganapathy to expand his business from Rs.1000 capital to 30 crore Company.

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